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Dante vs. Kratos by biz20 Dante vs. Kratos by biz20
Trying a different style. Feels really good to be really loose, and not so tight all the time.
So...who would win?
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NateFlazh1000 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015
Kratos would destroy Dante
Kratos will amuse Dante for a good while before getting killed.
yago-sonic Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
strange . . .
vangrish Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol dante es inmortal xD
BlueBlackzero Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist
Dante,because....BAD ASS! ;D
Cosmic--Chaos Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Kick some ass, Dante! :lol:
Nukarleq Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
kratos win
endneo Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This idea must happen, love the shading and colour btw
Revan005 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
Cool idea.
GrungeJackal Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013
I would say Kratos, however he is kind of a dry character to me. Dante has humor and a personality that I don't get tired of.
Anteanima Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
Dante has guns, but kratos has some range attacks too. If Dante manages to stand far, he'll win, but not easilly.
Kratos is litteraly stronger than Dante, But Dante is not weak at all. If Kratos manages to get close, he'll win, but not easily.
Hmm... A tough fight.
I love Dante's rape face!
tehMatrix Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
Dante is all about fighting with style, but also with efficiency.
Kratos is all about brute force, and he's got an inmense ammount of it.

They both fight so differently, but if you ask me, it'll be a tough fight. Kratos might find Dante's moves very unpredictable, but Dante would have a hard time trying not to get hit by Kratos inmensely strong attacks.
HellionScythe Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
Dante!! Dante!! Dante!! Dante!! Dante!! Dante!! Dante!!

He kicks ass anytime and all time!!
ImaginationKing Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Student General Artist
two ridiculously violent characters, and a great artsy fell to the whole clash... i like it :)
GodOfWar3Titan Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012
Kratos is, of course, the obvious winner.
neobogard Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
Dante would kick his ass.
Ninjuku Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
It would be a long, hard fight, but I think Dante would win.

Dante would start out with a clear advantage, choosing not to end it with Ebony and Ivory just because he wants to enjoy the fight. As Kratos gets angrier, however, the opening to do so disappears and the fight gets serious. It wouldn't be until Dante accepted that he would have to go all-out against Kratos that he would win.
NinetyNineNo Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
Dante, hands down.
InfiniteSpartan Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kratos FTW
kudoze Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012
love these two! Not too sure who would win!
To rain on the parade of the Kratos supporters:


See who won
Zengetzu Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Crimsonwolf1134 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012
I would vote for Dante to win because I am more of a fan of him and the DMC series but the truth is no one would win this battle. They are both immortal (no I haven't yet played GOW 3 yet so I don't know if he still is immortal), but Kratos and Dante both have mad skill and battle experience. Both can use an array of various weaponary. Both are inhumanly strong. Dante is faster, but Kratos is more serious with battle. Dante has more martial arts variety while Kratos is more of a brawler (hand-to-hand combat situations). Dante channels various demonic energies including darkness, fire, lightening, ice and Kratos has the power of the Titans or Gods (depending on which game). Both have died at least once and come back. Although I do believe Dante can take more of a beating and still get up. It would be too close to call. And these are only a few of the factors between these two. If they may go on for an eternity...
Love the picture btw ^^
DBguardian Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
CMAtkinson Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Dante troll face and dante would win (*snickers at troll face XDDXDXD welldone)
Ryoka-D Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Student General Artist
i like Dante over kratos but i think that Dante might get his ass whupped in this situation. spawn would have been a better choice.vs kratos.
XMyCrimsonTearsX Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012
Well, Dante is practically imortal; what with the whole being stabbed/shot business. Plus, he seems like he'd fight slightly more tactfully than old Kratos here.
However, Kratos is probably stronger, and more brutal, but I think he'd end up getting wound up by Dante mocking him and his anger would get the better of him, allowing Dante to win.
Plus, Dante has guns, with infinite ammo, and he has amazing aim. Not to mention the whole devil-trigger thing.
I dunno, maybe I'm biased because I like Dante more, but still, my money is on him.

That aside, I love the style you've drawn them in here and you've captured their personalities really well, I can almost hear the one-liner Dante's undoubtedly just hit Kratos with, judging by the smug look on his face.
Abramus5250 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012
Can survive getting his head ripped off? Helios was a mutha-f'in god and could barely put up a fight to Kratos. Besides, Kratos unleashes his anger, making stornger without being detrimental to his abilities. In fact, it's like he's pissed all the ime, probably even when taking a dump.
XMyCrimsonTearsX Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
I'm not saying it wouldn't be a fair/ close fight. But I still think Dante would win. Pure brute strength is all well and good, but Dante (despite the stupid hair) packs a fair punch himself and has the wit to go with it.
Lovely, thanks for that image. Because Kratos taking a dump is exactly what I want in my head while I'm eating xD
Abramus5250 Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
He probably shouts during it too, like "YOU WILL NOT SEE THE END OF THIS DAY" or something...
XMyCrimsonTearsX Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
Strangely I have an image of him sitting there reading a newspaper, shouting obscenties at it.
Oh god, I'm never going to able to look at that game the same way. I'm blaming you for this!
privateskittles285 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
oh snap shits goin down
dorothylove Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011  Professional General Artist
beautiful digital color .
ocelotrevs Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Fucking A!
undestrucable025 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011
in addition .. dante did his job .. without seeking help ..
undestrucable025 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011
well .. kratos is a son of a skyfather .. not god .. zeus is commonly known as god in olympus but in other sector .. he is only a skyfather .. we all know that he slayed all the skyfathers in the olympus .. but he was helped by athena .. without athena .. he cannot stand a chance against zeus .. kratos is strong,ruthless and violent .. he always defeat his opponents by strength .. not with strategy or anything ..

now dante .. a half demon .. Dante is one of the twin sons of Sparda, the demon knight who sided with humanity and drove back an invasion of the human world by demons 2,000 years ago .. agility,tactics and speed is on his statistics ..

can kratos dodge bullets in the air ? even with hermes shoes .. he cannot .. dante is an immortal .. he has been shot in the head .. slashed by his twin vergil and yet .. he is still standing ..

even the sword of olympus cannot slay dante .. because the sword of olympus is made on a mountain .. not in heaven .. so i vote dante here ..

angeleater Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011
I can see why Kratos is annoyed Dantes face here must really be pissing him off.

I know its pissing me off :pissedoff: infact i think Dante from the games would punch a mirror if he saw that himself pulling that one.
Kurvos Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011
.... why did you make Dante look like he does in DMC3? He is the youngest in that game, and therefor weaker than when he's... well, older. This really bothers me - 90% of all people drawing Dante here at DeviantArt uses his DMC3 appearance for no actual reason.
Nianicole824 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
because he's shirtless and that was the most popular game out of the series?
Kurvos Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
Funny - I would say the first game is the true classic. And "because he's shirtless" is a dumb reason for people thinking with their crotch.
Nianicole824 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
*shrugs* That's your opinion.
Kurvos Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
I do not mean to be harsh - I just dislike people ignoring the original Dante design from the original game.
Crayola-madness Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
now this pick is freak n awsome!
jpadawan Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011
Kratos! Rage always drives a man to victory. BTW HE'S A MOTHER-F**KING SPARTAN!!!!! But nice work. Love the expressions as well as the attention to detail and color scheme. Very nice.
kingkongbundie Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011  Student Writer
From an obsessive fan standpoint i would of course cast my vote for Dante but. . .
Lets be objective for a moment: both dante and kratos have killed gods (or god like beings.) in the past,(Dante=Mundus,Argosax,Sparda,The Savior/ Kratos= entire greek pantheon and then some.) both are impressive fighters. both have an otherworldly bloodlines. (zeus father kratos/Sparda fathered dante.) both are fearless and for the most part well above the upper limits of human capabilities. . .
This fight is entierly to close to call for anyone really, the only thing that could allow dante an edge on kratos is his more impressive arsenal of ranged weapons. . .
So, mr.biz02; who do YOU think would win!?
Arcainians Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i thought this would be dantes from dante's inferno.
sho87 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011
Kratos probably takes Dante to the limits of his powers, no matter how cocky he is, Dante is not taking Kratos lightly and it would make Dante give it his all to defeat him. Dante or Kratos could either win, while Dante may be faster, Kratos is stronger and more physically brutal. Both of them are not coming out of the fight in unscathed though.
General-EbonRose Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I'm afraid ol' Krotch-toast would win, though Dante'd give him a helluva fight.
Ninja-8004 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011
this is a tough say Kratos he kills gods dante just kills demons
Numbox Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
I think most people are missing a point here... They live in two different time periods. Kratos is from ancient greece while Dante is more or less from the present. What difference does this make? Not much, except for one tiny little thing called a gun. And Dante carries two of them. With infinite ammo.

Now if Kratos was an actual god, sure they would do him no harm. (I mean, even in the DMC games, the guns do very little damage) but Kratos takes damage from and arrow. A little "puny" arrow. If he can't survive a volley of that, there is just no way in hell that he will survive gun fire.
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